Cables for Special Applications

The range of cables for special applications has been made of all those cables for very special purposes, therefore requiring particular answers not given by standard solutions.

The first cables produced within this context were for instrumentation, compensating and extension, with special sheaths resisting to hydrocarbon used in petrochemical and steel industries.

In the 80s Cabelte started the manufacturing of signalling cables for railways with low reducing factor, also developed special solutions for the portuguese railway company and, more recently, cables for high speed train (TGV – Train à grande vitesse).

Regarding sensors and network monitoring, Group Cabelte has been answering to projects within different activity areas such as transports, construction and R&D. One can emphasize the development of cables to interconnect sensor networks; optical fiber cables incorporating Bragg sensors for temperature monitoring which can be applied in various environments, specially, submerged for measuring water temperature.

In order to satisfy particular needs of certain installations, many special solutions were developed, namely, hybrid cables (power/optical communication cables), such as, cables for highways emergency SOS telephones, cables for control of hydraulic systems, cables for installation in special environments, water pipes, etc.